August 2017 — Lubimova Ann Coookie Cutters Blog

Hello, friends!

We are starting a total sale on the eve of the upcoming autumn season!

All our production items will be sold with the discount 15%-20%: cookie cutters, stencils and sets.

Period of sale and discount:

  • 25 august MSK (Aug 24 01:00pm - Aug 25 01:00pm PST): 20% OFF
  • 26 - 31 august MSK (Aug 25 01:00pm - Aug 31 01:00pm PST): 15% OFF

Welcome to our shop these days to prepare to sales season!

    Lubimova Ann cheap cookie cutters and stencils

Hello, friends!

In anticipation of the new sales season, we want to introduce new interesting terms and conditions of sale of cookie cutters and stencils in our store.

We tried to make it simple and profitable both for you and us!

No more words, just few points:

  • Worldwide shipping cost: $5.8 - $6.9
  • Free worldwide delivery for orders from $27
  • Cutters from $1.70
  • Stencil from $2.80

Thank you for your interest to our shop!

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