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Warming up, getting ready for Christmas with Ekaterina Turchanovskaya @pryanik.est

The master used Stencil + Cutter“Mouse with the inscription 2020”

New video on our YouTube channel! In this video, master Lyudmila https://www.instagram.com/sweetspechenka/ makes a mouse - a Chinese symbol of the 2020! To make this cookie, you'll need: icing for flooding, a brush, and a cookie cutter + stencil  “Mouse hugs a lollipop”

Cookie master Irina Grigorenko https://www.instagram.com/dessert_irinagrig/ has revealed all the secrets of the elegant cookie decor for a wedding / anniversary. In the video:

[V] Flooding process on large surfaces
[V] Cookie Edge Design
[V] Apply glossy shine with dry dies
[V] Fixing decorative elements from mastic

The master used
Stencil "Heart Pattern" SKU (Code): LC-00004010
Cutter “Heart is simple” 11 cm Code: LC-00003311

This is not magic! This is cocoa and our cutter + stencil kits. They allow you to transfer the picture to a cookie or gingerbread easily and quickly. And you do not even need drawing skills for that!

Roll out the dough, apply a stencil, apply cocoa with a brush, cut out cookies using cutter. Done!

For a home pastry chef, this is an opportunity to make large volumes of orders in a short time, and for a hostess it is an opportunity to surprise loved ones with delicious and beautiful homemade cookies.

On the video Stencil + form "Wise Owl 2" SKU (Article): LC-00006477

Vieo from our customer Tatyana

... And embossing rolling pins too!

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